What is the Missouri Baptist Foundation?

The Missouri Baptist Foundation (MBF) is a nonprofit organization that manages financial resources for the benefit of Missouri Baptists’ mission and ministry efforts within Missouri, the United States, and around the world.

MBF manages assets that have been placed with it by individuals and families, churches, and mission or ministry organizations. We can assist with estate and gift planning and recommend lawyers, provide trust administration services, and offer educational seminars for churches and other ministry groups.

Redemptive institutional investing is an investment approach that seeks to create a positive social or environmental impact while also generating financial returns. The concept of redemptive investing is rooted in the idea that investment decisions should reflect the faith-based values and principles of the investor.

Yes, MBF has instructed its investment managers to avoid investments in companies whose business activities are significantly derived from tobacco, alcohol, gaming, pornography, abortion, or fetal tissue research. However, there are some exceptions to this standard, which must be evaluated and approved by the Endowment Management Committee.

In fiscal 2022, the Foundation distributed over $25,528,445 in principal and income to Baptist and other causes in Missouri and around the world.

We have an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Oak City Consulting who follows our Redemptive Institutional Investing philosophy by providing 30 years of investment expertise. They provide portfolio management, manager research and selection, investment consulting, and performance reporting. Their investment philosophy is grounded in the principles of value investing, which emphasizes buying assets at a discount to their intrinsic value and seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation while managing risk through disciplined investment processes and rigorous due diligence.

Yes, MBF is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), which requires members to adhere to high standards of financial accountability and transparency. Additionally, the Foundation is subject to regular audits by independent accounting firms to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices.

The Foundation exists to serve Missouri Baptists and supports the mission and ministry efforts of the MBC and its affiliated churches and organizations. The Missouri Baptist Foundation is a separate legal entity and is not owned or controlled by the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC). However, the Foundation was established by action of the MBC, and its trustees are appointed by the Convention.

What does the Missouri Baptist Foundation do?
  1. MBF develops, manages, and distributes funds for Missouri Baptists. Our mission is to Advance the Gospel, which is accomplished through Money Management for Ministries and Possibility Planning for People. We work with churches, associations, non-profits, institutions, and individuals.
  2. We offer products like endowment management, trust services, cash needs, and financial pastoring—all for Kingdom impact.

  1. Dollars invested into the MBF Cash Fund for Individuals are placed in a pooled FDIC-insured product. Though your specific account does not have insurance, MBF does have insurance for dollars invested. We are also insured for more than the traditional $250,000 amount.
  2. Our MBF Cash Fund is a pooled investment that utilizes an Insured Cash Sweep which subdivides the assets across various banks, providing Missouri Baptist Foundation with FDIC coverage on the pool, above the traditional $250,000.00. While our clients individually do not have coverage, the Missouri Baptist Foundation has FDIC insurance on the funds within the pool.

  1. As outlined in our Offering Circular, our interest rates are set internally based on a variety of market factors, which are reviewed monthly by MBF leadership.
  2. As outlined in our Offering Circular, our “Demand Notes” the technical term for our Cash Fund, “will bear interest at a rate that is determined from time to time in accordance with the then current policies of MBF. The interest rate on a Demand Note may be adjusted monthly. Interest rates are currently established by MBF through a review of current interest rates paid by other institutions, while ensuring MBF maintains a spread to cover its operating costs. MBF will review certain factors, such as investment gap analysis, cash flow needs and the current policy of the Federal Reserve, before establishing each month’s rate of interest.”

The rate for the Cash Fund for Individuals is subject to change monthly, and past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. The rate is annualized over the number of days in the month, so the quoted interest rate is not dependent upon a term length.

There are certain eligibility requirements for someone to open an MBF Cash Fund for Individuals. One must be a member of a Missouri Baptist Church or have a preexisting relationship with the Missouri Baptist Foundation. The current starting deposit minimum is $25,000.00 dollars.

  1. We can offer loans to Southern Baptist churches and organizations through our partnership with WatersEdge Ministry Services. The interest from your loan is poured back into Kingdom causes.
  2. To apply for a loan, fill out the online application on our website.
  3. After submitting your application, WatersEdge will contact you to discuss your loan and determine the next steps.

The MBF Cash Fund is not a CD because the MBF Cash fund is a product with daily liquidity. You are not required to keep your funds invested for a minimum amount of time.

  1. Funds in the MBF Cash fund are liquid and can be withdrawn at any time and there are no fees to do so. The MBF Cash Fund for Individuals is a product with daily liquidity. At present, we make disbursements twice a week; however, if an emergency ever required funds to be dispersed quickly, we would accommodate those circumstances. There is no limit to the amount of times one could deposit into or disburse from their MBF Cash Fund.
  2. Funds invested in the Kingdom, Harvest, and Storehouse Funds require a sale before a distribution can be made.

Our client portal is not a live system. There is a delay in what you see on your portal.

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