Redemptive Investing

What is Redemptive Investing?

Redemptive institutional investing is an investment strategy that goes beyond financial gain. We aim to create a positive social or environmental impact while aligning with faith-based values and principles.

Redemptive Investing Approach

Maximize Impact Through Investments and Return

Why Redemptive Investing?

We believe in investing in companies and projects that make a difference, focusing on areas like environmental sustainability, social justice, and community development. Our approach involves a careful evaluation of opportunities, considering not only financial returns but also the broader social and environmental implications.

Investment Strategies & Goals

Asset Allocation

We consider asset allocation as a crucial decision, aiming to limit downside risk while meeting ministry spending goals. Our strategic and tactical allocation decisions are tailored to the organization’s policy parameters, adjusting based on the current market climates.

Manager Selection

We choose to invest in ethical and transparent managers who avoid investments and industries harmful to our neighbors. We work with firms and funds that invest in ways that align with Christian principles and demonstrate redemptive work in the world.


We acknowledge God as the owner of all assets. While He can accomplish His purposes independently, we participate as shepherds of His assets, trusting Him with the results of our investment decisions.


We believe the world operates best when aligned with God’s original design. Brokenness is a result of sin, and God will ultimately restore the world to its original design. We participate in and witness glimpses of this restoration.


Guided by the belief in human flourishing, we believe capital is a tool God uses to bless the world. We shepherd capital toward companies, funds, and deals that contribute to restoring broken relationships with God, one another, oneself, and systems in the world.


We reject the notion that financial return and redemptive impact are mutually exclusive. We strive to have influence through our investments but also have a return.


Our investments extend beyond traditional Christian-focused activities. We invest in areas like pharmaceutical research, initiatives supporting silkworm farmers in East Asia, and training utility pole linemen. This diversified approach reflects our commitment to making a positive impact across various sectors. Listed below are just a few of our investments doing redemptive work.

investments that are making a positive impact:

Southeast Lineman Training Center

Southeast Lineman Training Center from Oak City Consulting on Vimeo.

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus from Oak City Consulting on Vimeo.